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Building up the capacity of people belonging to the backward and underprivileged section of the society to make theme able to contribute to the process of development.


Socio-Economic empowerment of the people in rural area with the specific objective to enrich the quality of life of the rural citizens through research action, reorganization and reorientation of their social system.


  • To promote and strengthen the efforts for ensuring social justice to the people.
  • Promotion of welfare of children, the women, the aged, the youth persons with disability, the with disability, the poor, the tribals and other section of society and other underprivileged section of the society.
  • To strengthen the efforts for recognition and information of Human Rights and to defend democratic rights an liberties of the people
  • To promote and develop a sense of devotion for fundamental duties for the society along the people.
  • Promote National Integration, communal harmony, literacy, education, culture, health, family welfare and sports.
  • To Promote, Organize and facilitate conference, seminar, Lectures, Training and other similar activities
  • To Promote and Pursue education, training and overall welfare of the people.
  • To collect, disseminate and distribute knowledge and information to educate the people regarding public welfare problems and programme and to set up libraries documentation and reference Centres.