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The Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE) has come into existence in the year 1993-1994 with a common vision for the development of the underdeveloped area. It was registered on 3rd March, 1994 under Society Registration Act, 1860.

The Organisation RARE is a Non-Profit, Non-Political and Secular NGO working with multi dimensional activities for the development and protection of rights of people. RARE aims at development of people by strengthening their self help character through a process of empowerment.

Message from Founder

A group of professional and aware citizens sit together for the cause of social activism and to work for the underprivileged of the region, in the year 1994 RARE came into existence.

We started without infrastructure and funds with the strong commitment and honestly we march forward. It is difficult to be a part of a underprivileged region and more difficult to be in a non priority district were special leadership had not grown.

It is our knowledge that we grew and think ahead the time and the place and indentified in the state and National level in different social movement.

Economic rehabilitation is one of our key area to strengthen the independent decision making of any person like persons with disabilities, settled persons with mental illness and caregivers of without children without parental care.

We have give model much earlier than any other think about it for example

  1. Imparting training to Government workers on early identification of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and to associate them with community based rehabilitation
  2. Public Distribution System through Panchayati Raj Institution
  3. To provide tube well and toilet fitted with ramps to allow the elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities to access drinking water and toilet

We are shy of press and publicity.  RARE is a platform to grow the leadership in the social development field.  We as a civil society organization believes in democratic value and system with a decentralized decision making process.  We believe that the civil society is a part of the State.  Wish the organization to grown further to serve the society and its cause.

With best wishes,

Gourishyam Panda
RARE, Sonepur