LIVELIHOOD activities for PwD

To make the person with disability, People with mental illness and other venerable families economically self dependant and enhancement of their social status, financial assistance provided to them for income generation activity to lead towards sustainable livelihood.
They used to repay in small installment without any interest. There number of separate account has been opened and maintained by Block level Federation of Disabled People Organization, District caregiver Association of PWMI and Care Giver Association. The installments frequency, amount and times are decided by the supported person. All refunded amount is being deposited in that Bank Account of their own federation. The support is an interest free refundable assistance by the Federation. The Federations are controlling over the management of livelihood proramme of themselves.

To ensure the financial inclusion of PwDs, independent living, their full participation in inclusive community developmental process and reducing poverty from their families
1.    Identification
2.    Profiling Counseling programme for shortlisted
3.    Skill development Training
4.    Disbursement of Funds(Interest free) to start income generation activities
5.    Utilization Checking
6.    One to one follow up
7.    Saving habit promotion and Bank inclusion
8.    Linkages with other loan scheme(s) of Government;
9.    Revolving of Funds by the DPO Federation