After enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 the initiative gathered momentum.  But it is observed that the consumers of the rural and urban area are yet to come within the fold. The consumer domain has expanded to the areas like Good Governance, information regarding spurious goods, healthy environment, enforcing standards, basic necessities, food safety and quality control, right to information etc. But due to lack of awareness and guidance at the grass root level THE CONSUMERS ARE NOT ABLE TO AVAIL AND EXERCISE THEIR RIGHTS.
There is an urgent and increasing necessity to educate and motivate the consumer to be wary of the quality of the products, and also the possible deficiencies in the services of the growing sector of public utilities. In short, the consumer should be empowered with respect to his rights as a consumer.
    To create awareness among consumers about protection and promotion of their rights
    Create sensitization to make them a real contributing consumers to society
    Empowerment of  consumers to access grievance redressal system
To achieve the goal various awareness generation programme in rural and urban areas are being conducted,IEC materials such as leaflet, poster ,booklet produced and distributed among the consumers and other stakeholders.