The RARE is working in Western Part and KBK(Kalahandi-Bolangir-Koraput) region of ODISHA State.20% of the total population of Odisha are staying in this region and out of them 87% are below the poverty line. People of KBK area depends on agriculture. This area is famous for drought, flash flood, migration, starvation death, IMR and Farmers suicide globally. Sonepur is situated between 20 30’ latitude and 83 27’ longitudes. It is bifurcated from the undivided Bolangir District. Subarnapur district consists of six blocks, namely Binka, Birmaharajpur, Dunguripali, Sonepur, Tarva and Ullunda. Binka and Dunguripali block is irrigated. Rest of the blocks has no irrigation facilities. The famers are depends upon the rain fall water.

Keeping all these factors in mind RARE has opened the “Disaster and Climate Change Adaptation Cell” to address the issues of climatic change impact.

RARE is working on sustainable agriculture, drought management and forest protection to reduce the adverse impact of climate change and drought in the KBK region.

To promote climate change adaptability among farmers and increase their productivity IRRI has bred several stress tolerant rice varieties. One of the drought tolerant breeding lines (IR74371-70-1-1) was release in 2009 by CRRS, Hazaribaghin in the name of Sahabhagi Dhan. This variety matures in 110-115 days. Depending on moisture and soil type it can be direct sown or transplanted.
In collaboration with International Rice Research Institute and National Food Security Mission, Govt. of India, Department of  Agriculture, a demonstration of stress tolerant rice variety( Sahabhagi Dhan) have been demonstrated on 100 hectors of land in  Badmal, Runjfatamunda and Kumbharmunda villages of Tarva Block under Subarnapur District. 133 numbers of farmers from three villages have participated in the demonstration of Sahabhagi Dhan.
•    To promote the drought tolerant rice variety in drought prone area and generate awareness among the farmers for Sahabhagi Dhan
•    To enhanced rice production and productivity in drought prone area