Sana Stable Enough To Face The Punch Of Luck
Sana Pande, aged about 33 years, got married in the year 2004. According to her family member she had been abused by her husband’s family member for dowry, she lost her mental balance and became mentally ill. Her husband left her due to illness. Since 2006 she had been living with her father and mother without any treatment. Sana became silent, sometime violent and always beliefs that someone will kill her.

On 15th Feb 2009 she was identified and referred to district Head quarter Hospital, Bolangir on 18th Feb 2009, provided with free medicine from RARE. She is under regular follow-up and counselling by the staff of CMHDP, RARE. After long treatment, counseling and proper care the mental condition of Sana developed and she became stable.

On 06th June 2010 RARE staff visited her home and came to know that now she is with her husband’s house (Village-Sialjuri). On 15th Aug 2010 again visited to her husband house and counsel her husband that not to be violent over Sana. Now she is stable and doing all the household work.

The financial condition of her family is very critical. So, RARE decided to give livelihood support to Sana as she is stable now and on 22nd Feb 2011 Rs. 3000/- was given to Sana income generation activities. Then Goutam Chhatria (Sana’s Husband) brought two goats and rearing them. Sana comes to the health camp every month and takes medicine regularly. Out of her income she had repaid the interest free instalment amount every month and already cleared the loan amount.

Misfortune doesn’t come alone, On 21st Sept 2013 her husband passed away due to kidney failure and livelihood of Sana came to a halt sudden. Now Sana is alone with her two children. But to great surprise she is stable enough to overcome the punch of luck and concentrates on her children’s education .She laboured hard as a daily wager. Even now she never forget to take medicine and sending her children to school.
Psycho-Social Care Can Keep A Person And His Family In The Mainstream Of Society
Achyut Padhan aged about 46 years, lives in a small remote village Rugudipali. He stays with his three kids and parents. He earns his bread and butter as a skilled labourer (mason). After continuous working on the hit of sun light with taking Tobacco, he became mentally ill. The situation was very critical, because the only source of earning stopped. He was talking with himself sitting in corner, did not sleep at all. His wife was abused by him both physically and mentally. Again father of Acyut go back to agricultural land and started farming in the age of early 70 to feed the family.

On 17th July 2008 Achyut was identified as a person living with mental illness. He was referred to district Head quarter Hospital, Bolangir, provided with free medicine form CMHDP, RARE. Because of regular treatment and psycho-social care Acyut came back to mainstream of society and doing agro based self employed activities in his own land.

When he became stable he started working as Masson in a construction site.

Meanwhile he did not attend the regular health check up camp for quite long period and again went back to his old condition. Then he consulted with Psychiatrist along with his wife at health check up camp, counselled there, took medicine and taking medicine with direct observation of his wife.

Presently he is under regular treatment, stabled and doing his livelihood activities as a mason.
Differently – Abled Gariba Proves His Worth
Gariba a 21 years old Person with Mental Retardation and cerebral Palsy by birth. He belongs to a BPL OBC family of Badfatamunda under Kumbharmunda Panchayat of Tarva Block in the district of Subarnapur.

Gariba lives with his father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters. Due to the care of family Gariba could improve gradually and continued his academic career upto class 10th. He did not appear the board of secondary examination and joined in a bicycle repairing centre as a trainee.

In the month of May, 2011 Gariba diagnosed as Person with Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy. As Gariba is adult and there is less chance of his improvement by therapeutic services, still plan designed for therapy and income generation activity.

Gariba provided therapeutic services and responded well he also vocationally trained on cycle repairing though he had skill on that area. He was engaged with a cycle repairing centre by CBR team for his skill upgrdation training.

During the course of training he had provided a sum of Rs. 1500/- (Rupees fifteen hundred) for purchase of training equipments later which will be used by Gariba as asset for repairing of cycle in his independent repairing centre. Gariba works at the shop and earned Rs. 70 to 80 rupees per day.

By the advocacy with district level line department Gariba has included under Differential Rate of Interest Scheme from Axis Bank, Sonepur Branch and supported a sum of Rs. 10, 500/- to purchase equipment for cycle store.

Not only cycle repairing he is also working in Ata Haller and Assist his Owner in daily basis.

This vocation not only mean feat to achieve the fine motor coordination and fix punctures, which Gariba does with a aplomb. Important matter is customers do not mind the extra few minutes that he takes and are patience with him. Having defined the definitions of mental retardation and cerebral palsy, Gariba has a set precedent for all to follow.

Gariba is now earning his own livelihood independently. The parent and other members of the society have deposed confidence on his independent living. He is an example and source of inspiration for other PWDs and their parents.

He was nominated by Disabled People Organizations Federation to take part in the State Level Self-advocates Training Programme on behalf of Subarnapur District organized by Odisha State Federation of Parent Organization, Bhubaneswar.

Gariba dreams to participate in different State and National level events.
A small assistance lead to manage the family of Sibani Biswal

Sibani Biswal is 8 years girl child of Biljayapalli under Rengali Gram Panchayat of Sonepur Block. She resides with her 3 sisters mother Arati and grandparent. The family belongs to Below Poverty Line and very poor. Arati is working as an ASHA in the village. After the death of Sibani’s father on 30th April, 2014 her mother became so loneliness and distress that how she will manage the family. Her mother encouraged by the grand parent and villagers to adjust in the family and build up the child. They have 40 dismil of home stead land and 40 dismil of agricultural land. The land was cultivated by the grand parent. During the alive of Sibani’s father, he was started a small kirana store. Which was stopped after his death.

Day passed away, the Alternative Child Care Programme was already implanted in the area. The RARE’s staff visited to the family and found out that there is 7 members in the family in two rooms. One was constructed under Indira Awas in the Name of Sibani’s Grandfather and the other room is kachha room which is basically use to cook. So it was also found that the living status is also much suffocated. The family members were counseled by the staff members of RARE and encouraged them to continue the study of all children. The family continued the study of all children. From the month of May-2014 the family included under the maintenance package programme, income generation programme, kitchen garden programme and earn while study programme. Again Arati started the kirana store and manage the family and earning 2000 rupees per month from the kirana store.

Now Sibani is continuing in class 2 with the peers and enjoying her life with the peers. The other children are also continuing at School and Pre-school. The family is also included under National Family Death Benefit Scheme, BPL electricity, Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana, Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and General Life Insurance, widow pension etc.

Now the family of Shibani’s family is independent to manage them independently.
Rima hopeful to continue her study
6 years Rima Mahakur is a girl child of Bishalpali under Rengali Gram Panchayat of Sonepur Block. She resides with her mother Ruduna Mahakur and grandmother. The family belongs to Below Poverty Line and very poor. The family is most vulnerable they were spending their day to day life by wage earning. But after the death of Rima’s Shankar Mahakur on 01.03.2012 in paralysis. They have 18 dismil of homestead land and 1 acre of non irrigated land. So it was very difficult to manage themselves. After the death of Shankar they stayed at the mother’s house of Ruduna for six months. Later on she came back to the in laws house and started work as a day labour.

Between the period RARE implemented the programme alternative care and support programme for the children without parental care and OVC in May, 2013. At the time Rima was of 3 years and derived up from the father’s affection. Rima identified as a child with single parent and included under the alternative child care programme. She was provided daily needs material, cloth, reading writing material, food material, fancy material and sanitary material based on the requirement. With the support the family get a helping hand to manage their day to day life. Ruduna became hopeful that, she can do something to bring change in her life. She included under the National Family Death Benefit Scheme, Widow Pension and National food security scheme. Under the project she has support Rs. 5000/- to purchase the goat. Except the goat now she has another two goat of Rs. 4400/-.

In this year she has also cultivated her land. Though it was drought till she has recovered her expenses from agricultural insurance. Rima is continuing her education at school and getting free MDM, Dress, Text Book, from the alternative child care programme she is getting free tuition. So this scope is helping her to go ahead.

Now Rima is hopeful enough that she can continue her study with the support of mother.