Promotion Disabled People & Parent Organisation

The Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE) is working with People with Disabilities and having experience in implementation of Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for people with Disabilities and Community Mental Health & Development Programme. While working with both the programme the RARE has promoted DPO at various level such as Village,Grampanchayat,Block and District in the Subarnapur and Bolangir district.The RARE has provided capacity building support to DPOs and Taskforce on Disability in terms of awareness on rights & entitlements, DPO Management, Planning & implementation,leadership development,gender,lobbying & advocacy, Records keeping & documentation and networking.

The DPOs initiated a District level forum called Taskforce on Disability in collaboration with District Association of Parent and Persons with Disabilities (DAPPWD) and Six Block Federation of Disabled People Organisations, District Caretaker Association of Persons with Mental Illness and Stabled PWMI, Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE).On the other hand Taskforce on Dosability at District level also formed in Bolangir district involving Persons with disabilities and their Parent.

Taskforce on Disabillity is an independent body working for the rights and entitlements of persons with disabilities.

The main purpose of formation and promotion of Disabled People Organisations is to include PWDs in all inclusive development process and end all forms of discrimination against PwDs by raising voices, ensuring their rights and inclusion in Govt. programmes and practices.