Promoting Carers Association

WHO estimates that in developing country like India, the need of Carers for long term care of Persons with disabilities, people with chronic illness, children in need of Carers and elderly population; dependent on someone for physical support, will increase in the coming decades in huge scale.

The need of Carers is unheard, ignored and not attended too. The burden placed on a not paid Carer of the family, has significant impact on his social life, emotion, health, livelihood, leisure & recreational life. A larger community of the society is at risk, if support not provided at community and Government level.

Our vision to see the Carers are enjoying their all rights and living with dignity. Our mission is to draw the attention of people from Government system, support & service providing Organisations, Policy makers, family of Carers and other stakeholders to recognize the problem and need of Carers as matter of concerns and address the need.

With this backdrop RARE has formed Carers Association at different level and working with Carers.