Profile of Padmini Mallik

Padmini Mallik age 16 months is a girl child of village Jhankarpali, Gram Panchayat Rengali of Subarnapur District.  From the age of 10 months she lost her mother Sapura Mallik and deprived from mother’s milk.  Except elder brother Pintu Mallik -16 years and father Gupte Mallik there is no body to take care the child.  It is very difficult for survival and get care and protection from the family members.  She has also sicklin so the doctor advised the family to provide nutrious food and safety shelter.  But the poor family lives in a single quarter and manage them with the earning of one acre non irrigated land.  For this reason Padmini’s father has to spend most of the time out of the village as a seasonal migrant.  Due to neglect the milestone development of Padmini is delayed. 

Now the only way to survive a better life of Padmini is kinship care with an external support.