Profile of Nilandri Dharua

Nilandri Dharua is a 14 year girl child of  village- Khemundiamunda, P.O. Rengali, District:Subarnapur after the death of his father Nilandri taken care by her mother Urkuli Dharua.  And at the time Nilandri was of 9 years.  They are also 5 members in their family.  So it was very difficult to manage her mother to provide two time diet per day.  By the encouragement of a neighbour urkuli send Nilandri to Bhubaneswar for domestic child labour and the study was stopped in class 4th.  Nilandri worked there for a year by hook or crook.  But she felt weak and had fever severely.  Next she returned to home and treated for a longer period time.

With the consultation of teacher again she entered to school and now she is continuing her study in class 8th. They are five members in their family.  They have no shelter to stay. The house they have set up is of other area and they have already informed to leave the place.  Only the one acre land under forest right act is their capital.
In this condition Nilandri needed external support to continue her upper clases.