RARE beliefs and promoting alternative care services for children living without adequate parental care

The following four approaches of alternatives care adopted by us.

  • Kinship Care-Kinship care is a family based care for a child living without parental care within the child’s extended family
  • Foster Care- Foster care is a system providing a family life to a child who is without parental care where s/he place with a subsidized or volunteer foster family.
  • Independent living- A child-headed household where an older child used to take care for other siblings
  • Sponsorship-Sponsorship is an economically facilitating mechanism beneficial for children. The external agency provides periodic financial support to care givers which

How can you sponsor?

As per your wish you can sponsor more than one child. You can also arrange more number of children. For a child atlest you need to sponsor for one year. You can donate minimum Rupees 800/- per month per child. The yearly sponsorship amount is Rupees 6000/-.

Your sponsorship will help a child to get food, regular schooling, health support, clothes etc.

The RARE will be happy to provide you

•    An appreciation letter
•    Progress report of the child (Whom you have sponsored),
•    Photographs
•    Tax exemption certificate (Your donation is exempted from Income tax under section 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961.